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Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodo Church Abroad


     The Sisterhood of Sts. Peter & Paul Church is under the heavenly protection of St. Olga, Equal-to-the-Apostles and Enlightener of the Russian people. 

     The Sisterhood is the major auxiliary of the parish and is involved in many areas of church activity.  Our sisters (and the brothers that help them) clean and decorate the church, change vestments and specially decorate the church for the High Feast days of Holy Pascha, Pentecost, Christmas and others. 

     The Sisterhood also prepares the weekly Sunday luncheons, which provide an important after-church opportunity to socialize with other members of the parish and, to participate in enlightening spiritual discussions, watch performances by our school children and so forth.

     The sisters of our church are also, the fundraising arm of the parish.  They conduct the annual Christmas Bazaar each November, prepare the verba (pussy willows) for Palm Sunday, make kulichi and pascha, conduct the blini luncheon and a host of other events throughout the year.     

     Aside from such fund-raising activities, the sisters also prepare the trapeza for our Parish Feast Day of Sts. Peter and Paul - often serving several hundred parishioners and guests.  They also prepare and serve the after-Pascha celebration and other celebrations within our parish family.

     Among the most important functions of the church Sisterhood is our outreach program, designed to assist in serving the needs of our elder and infirm parishioners.  Our sisters make regular visits to a number of such individuals in our parish bringing them food; gifts at Christmas and Easter; driving them to doctor's appointments, to the store etc. or simply; spending some time with them.

     Our Sisterhood is always looking for talented people to get involved and help out with all of their varied activites.  If you have something to offer in the way of time and/or talents, please contact Nadine Stewart at (925) 372-7838

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