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Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodo Church Abroad


Saints Peter and Paul School, Russian School

The Russian Church School program founded in 2003 provides formal instructions in reading, writing speaking and understanding the Russian language, Russian Orthodoxy, culture and crafts.

The classes are for children older preschool and younger schoolchildren (5 to 8 yrs).

Requirements are that children must be Russian speaking.
Studies are in two groups, with the older group learning to write the Russian alphabet.

Reading in Russian, learning the basics of Russian language (basics for structure and process at preschool and school levels), simple rules for grammar, and sentence structure, practice, exercises and lessons in game setting projects to keep it interesting.

Getting acquainted with the works of Russian writers pre and post revolutionary times befitting the age groups.

With reading of Orthodox literature, history, acquaintance with Orthodoxy and Church Holy days, we enrich the children’s knowledge of the wealth of Russian Orthodoxy.

We provide arts and crafts projects with emphasis on drawing, painting, origami and crafts for children.

Individual attention specific to the child’s needs and requirements is provided. Input from parents would be appreciated for special issues.

The instructor, Elena Romanovna Tsitrikova, is a teacher of Russian language and literature.

We encourage parent participation and it would be greatly appreciated. Please check with the teacher as to various needs such as playground monitor, class assistant and for other activities.

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